by Gay Gaddis | Published by Fortune

Photo by Mark Seliger

[ARTICLE] Without question, the most important job a leader has is building and sustaining great teams. Winning teams are seen as idols both on the playing field and in business.

My secret has always been to surround myself with people who possess different skills and strengths than my own. We may not always agree, but in the end if we are all pulling for overall success, then we make it work. There is not a more beautiful example of teamwork than the percheron draft horses at our Texas ranch. Here’s why:

They are trained to expect the unexpected

These horses have to be unflappable in parades among large, noisy crowds when pulling our large carriages. Similarly, people — leaders specifically — need to be willing to adapt to any situation. Even when everything appears to be going according to plan, something unexpected will happen. Leaders need to be aware and adjust immediately.

One horse always carries more weight

There is always one horse that pulls harder than the other. The stronger horse doesn’t mind carrying the extra weight, because the other is still a valuable partner. There will always be someone who is more interested in being the center of attention, but he or she will still need to rely on their team members for overall success.

Each horse has a unique role

One horse is always trained to be on the right side, and the other on the left. But they must put their skills together and work in accordance with one another in order to accomplish their goal. Likewise, team members are their strongest when they work together.

Each horse trusts their driver

Every horse has its own driver, and they know exactly how that driver operates and what they expect. Put two different drivers in charge and you will get two completely different results from the same horse. Similarly, employees need to trust and listen to the direction of their leaders in order to get the most out of their team.