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[AUGUST 15, 2022 – BLOG] Living in Central Texas most of my life, I’ve come to appreciate the phrase that we are just a “big drought interrupted by an occasional flood.” I have seen this many times, as we struggle to get any rainfall only to be rescued by a … Read More

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The Difference in Mentors and Sponsors

[AUGUST 2, 2022 – BLOG] Recently I attended a program about sponsors and mentors hosted by Paradigm for Parity (P4P), an organization that I’m a founding member of, that strives to educate and provide pathways for women to succeed and achieve parity in the workplace. In their research, data shows … Read More

Gay in High School

Bring People Along

[JUNE 21, 2022 – BLOG] Some leadership lessons come early in life and when I was in high school, I made a serious blunder. Although I was the elected “Captain” and leader of the Liberty High School drill team, I failed to do something key when leading a great team. … Read More


Life is a Rodeo, Saddle Up!

[JULY 19, 2022 – BLOG] Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any hotter, rodeo season rolls into Central Texas. This week the small town of Marble Falls, Texas, close to our ranch will put on a show filled with pageantry and steeped in tradition. I have always believed … Read More

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Spaces that spark creativity

[JULY 5, 2022 – BLOG] Where is your creative space or place? Some people laugh and say their best ideas come when they are in the shower. Perhaps this is because they are not being disturbed and the refreshing water literally drowns out the noise around them. However, we all … Read More