Governor Abbott Appoints 15, including Gay Gaddis, To Governor’s Commission For Women

From the Office of the Texas Governor Greg Abbot | Texas Governor Greg Abbott has appointed T3 Founder, Author, Artist and trailblazer, Gay Gaddis to the Governor’s Commission for Women, alongside 14 others. Housed within the Office of the Governor, the Governor’s Commission for Women, is tasked with developing a strategy and implementation plan to make Texas the number one state for women-owned businesses and address human trafficking.

Governors Comission for Women

How To Balance Entrepreneurial Risk-Taking With Doing The ‘Right Thing’

Written by William Anderson, Published by Austin Business Journal | Gay Gaddis is a pioneer, in many senses of the word. She’s an advertising pioneer, a workplace pioneer, an author and artist. Gay shares her story and how sometimes doing the ‘right thing’ is also great for business and for team morale.

Speaking at the ABJ Best CEO Awards

Texas Woman Turns $16,000 Bet into America’s Biggest Female-Owned Agency

Written by David Flash, Published by Big Bend Times | “Cowgirl Power: How to Kick Ass in Business & Life” by Gay Gaddis stands as a beacon of inspiration, not just for women but for anyone in the business world seeking to harness their inherent strength and lead with conviction.

Cowgirl Power book cover by David Flash

Coming Back To The Office: Beware Of The ‘Extroverts Only Trap’

Written by Gay Gaddis, Published by Forbes | As 2021 unfolds, for many, there will be plans to bring people and teams back to the office. Months of working remotely will leave many yearning for some real face time.

coming back to office

A Marble Falls Home with Artful Views

Written by Erin Quinn-Kong, Published by Austin Home | Editors step inside entrepreneur and artist Gay Gaddis’s private art studio and gallery, Fossil Ridge, on her historic ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

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10 Texas Artists to Collect Now

Written by Lauren Smith Ford, Published by Texas Monthly | Collection of notable artists to collect now including T3 Founder, author and artist Gay Gaddis.

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Horses Taught This CEO To Be A Better Leader

Written by Gay Gaddis, Published by Fortune | Without question, the most important job a leader has is building and sustaining great teams. Winning teams are seen as idols both on the playing field and in business.

horses taught this ceo credit mark seliger

A Place in History

Written by Alcade Staff, Published by The Alcade | During a chilly night last November, the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center was packed with admirers, well-wishers, old friends, and family members of six people who were having a night to remember. As their life stories were shared on giant screens, and Patty Huffines, immediate past president of the Texas Exes, and UT President Jay Hartzell described their many contributions to society, it was evident just how much opportunity can be found on the Forty Acres.

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Embrace What You Suck At

Written by Gay Gaddis, Published by Forbes | One thing I have learned as an entrepreneur and human being is that I was wired a certain way from birth. Many things I naturally do well, and others I can achieve with study and practice.

embrace what you suck at

Leading with Fearless Compassion

Written by Stacy Evans, Published by Austin Business Journal | Gay Gaddis has attained a somewhat legendary status in many Austin circles. Known for being a work-life pioneer, Gaddis challenged the status quo in the 1990s by allowing people to bring both babies and pets into the office at her successful advertising firm, T3.

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Rattlesnake Rules For Effective Risk Management

Written by Gay Gaddis, Published by Forbes | When you live in the Texas Hill Country, risk awaits you at every bend in the road, and often, that risk has got a rattle at the end of its tail. So we think about risk management every day, and at a life and death level.


How Women In Stem Can Change Companies

Written by Gay Gaddis, Published by Fortune | We have all seen the transformative effect that technology has had on business and society. But what I’m seeing today tells me that we are still in the early stages of what’s to come.

women in stem

Doing This Will Easily Make You More Productive

Written by Gay Gaddis, Published by Fortune | Growing up in Texas, we had a lot of “sayings” and this one is the best advice I ever got: Never miss a chance to shut up. However, as a self–proclaimed extrovert, I often find this difficult to do.

doing this will make you more productive

Anti-Bullying Motivating Entrepreneurship

Written by Gay Gaddis, Published by Forbes | Great entrepreneurs start with a passion to do things differently. They become motivated by their cause and will sometimes take on dragons to prove their business model and drive their theories and profits.

anti bullying lizzie velasquez headshot credit thao doan1

I Achieved All My Family And Career Goals

Written by Gay Gaddis, Published by Time | As CEO of digital innovation agency T3, I have worked alongside hundreds of working mothers. Twenty-five years ago I started “T3 & Under,” a company program encouraging parents to bring their babies to work after their leave.

i achieved all my family and career goals

It Is Not About Work-Life Balance. It Is About Life.

Written by Gay Gaddis, Published by Thrive Global | Cowgirls grow up with a realistic view of life. They see beloved old dogs die. They see the miracle of baby goats. They experience both wonder and tragedy and meet both head on.

work life balance

The 2 Words You Need To Say More Often

Written by Gay Gaddis, Published by Fortune | Everyone can get caught up in “getting things done”. From time-consuming projects at work, to making sure your kids have clean socks to wear to school. Often times we get so busy, that we overlook the simple gesture of thanking someone.

the best 2 words thank you

The One Thing That Can Make Or Break A Company

Written by Gay Gaddis, Published by Fortune | This past August, I learned an invaluable lesson in leadership that changed my life forever.

one thing to make or break a company

Voicing Your Point Of View And Saying ‘No’

Written by Gay Gaddis, Published by Media Village | Having a strong point of view demonstrates your competence, that you have thought things through.  I know a lot of women who are not comfortable around conflict.  They just don’t like it.

voicing and saying no