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[March 19, 2024 – Blog] My dad had an amazing sense of humor. So many people told me he would light up a room when he walked in. One of his favorite pastimes was to twist a phrase or quote into something amusing.

I recall a cold winter day when he came home and said, “Many are cold but few are frozen.” Of course, this was a take on “Many are called but few are chosen.” We all laughed, and it brightened our day. Another one of his favorites was to turn to my mother, who was 5’3”, and say, “It is better to have loved a short girl than never to have loved a tall.”

Of course, that was his version of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s words: ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

Aside from my dad’s jokes, I may have come as close to being frozen as I have ever been on my recent trip to Iceland last month with the Texas Exes Flying Longhorn group. In the photo above, I was standing near the top of a mountain, and as my Dad would also say, it was colder than a well digger’s butt in the Klondike. Literally, we would leave our vehicle to explore the frozen landscape, and the wind chill factor was minus 20 degrees. For this Texas gal, that was a bitter pill to swallow!

However, sometimes we have to push ourselves into new landscapes, new experiences and meet new people to continue our growth and journey in life. Had I not braved the cold, I would not have seen the Northern Lights or the incredible fjords and ice-covered mountains that surrounded us in Iceland. I would not have witnessed the frozen waterfalls, the geysers and rocky paths that my ancestors also surely traversed.

Life has so much to offer, and if you can add a twist of humor, then all of us benefit from a moment of levity. If we can deploy a joke or a humorous quote, it makes everyone feel at ease and hopefully laugh out loud. As one of my dear friends once said, “We can either laugh or cry. I choose to laugh.”

With a smile on my face,

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