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[October 25, 2022 – Blog] A year ago, I was the Master of Ceremonies for the Texas Business Leadership Council’s annual Richard W. Weekley Public Policy Leadership Awards honoring Ross Perot Jr. As I was the evening host and departing Chairman of TBLC, Charlie Amato (TBLC Chairman-Elect) and Justin Yancy (TBLC President), surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers (captured above).

If ever I had to put on a happy face, it was that evening. That afternoon I had gone to UT Southwestern Medical Center for my annual mammogram. I thought it would be just another routine check, and off I would go to the banquet. However, the visit was anything but routine. I was sent back for several tests, and then confronted with a stern doctor who told me it was most likely that I had cancer, and I needed to be back the next morning for a biopsy at 8 a.m. Wow. I was stunned, frightened and actually pissed off that this could happen to me. I immediately called my husband, Lee, who was cool and calm. He said, “Gay, that is why we have these tests. Whatever they find we will get through it, but the show must go on. Get on that stage and break a leg.” So that is what I did, and we had a wonderful evening with Texas luminaries.

The rest of the story is that it was cancer. I have been through surgery, radiation and now medications. Frequent check-ups will be a way of life for me from now on. Why do I share this? It is Breast Cancer Awareness month; shockingly, 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, but catching it early makes all the difference. I want all of you to run—not walk—to any screenings you have put off. Early detection does save lives, and I am optimistic that my early detection will save my life.

On December 1, I will get back on stage to be honored with the Richard W. Weekley Public Policy Award for my work serving Texas on many issues that affect the quality of life and business in the great state, I call home. I am grateful to my colleagues at the TBLC for making this possible, and I encourage you all to support their efforts by buying tickets and celebrating with me at this momentous event. I am humbled once again.

Be brave and make those appointments now!

Always optimistic,

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