The Rule of 10-10-10

C200 with Joyce

[February 6, 2024 – Blog] My mother would challenge me every time I had a tough decision to make with her guiding principles. She would say, “Gay, fifty years from now, who will care?” This is really thought provoking because you have to go way off into the future and think about how your actions may make a difference to anyone at that point in time. This advice has helped me over and over again.

However, recently I was reminded by one of my C200 Council friends, Joyce Russell, about an important concept she took from Suzy Welch that has helped guide her and her team as President of the Adecco Group US Foundation. Suzy’s Rule of 10-10-10 is simple, but a refreshing change of perspective. When faced with a challenging decision professionally or in your personal life, ask yourself this question. What are the consequences of my decision in 10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years? Many of our choices can be measured and evaluated by future impacts. However, the 10-10-10 rule also takes into account the immediate results of an action. As leaders, there are times that we must make quick decisions that will change outcomes in as short as 10 minutes. Those are tough calls sometimes, but demand we act quickly to save the day. 

The women with me in the photo above, Julie Fasone HolderLynn Utter and Joyce, support each other with wisdom and sound advice like this on a regular basis. I am so fortunate to have a network of brilliance and I need to draw on that every day. 

As business leaders, making decisions is a daily task, but the next time you’re stumped with a big one, think 10-10-10. It may change the way you face it and move on.

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