The Only Thing Constant is Change

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[AUGUST 30, 2022 – BLOG] My husband Lee, constantly reminds me that the only thing we can count on is change. Sometimes change is disruptive, throwing us off our game. Sometimes change is good, forcing us to reinvent, create and find new ways to solve problems. There are smarter ways of doing just about anything and change can get us out of all-too comfortable ruts, bringing imagination to the forefront.

We all had to deal with the once-in-a-lifetime type of changes hurled at us by a worldwide pandemic. No one escaped the inconvenience, fear and change in our routines, but many have emerged with a renewed spirit and determination. New products, services and systems showed us all how incredibly resilient we can be when we face change head-on.

Speaking of change, it was time to refresh my own brand. My website, newsletter and social presence is an entry to Gay Gaddis, LLC and we are delighted to improve the experience for our audience.

Here’s a few highlights that I hope you’ll check out:

  • A “spotlight” section at the top of my homepage with new programming, articles and press coverage
  • Individual pages of my paintings with lifestyle photos of my work installed in homes and office spaces
  • A searchable media library with articles, leadership videos, art tours and recent talks
  • And more videos reels on social media sharing a behind-the-scenes look at painting and my life at Double Heart Ranch

Always moving forward,

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