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[JULY 5, 2022 – BLOG] Where is your creative space or place? Some people laugh and say their best ideas come when they are in the shower. Perhaps this is because they are not being disturbed and the refreshing water literally drowns out the noise around them.

However, we all need a place where we can let our imaginations run wild and dare to dream. It can be a hilltop, in a park, your own backyard or a special room that you can make your creative haven. For me, through the years I have found our ranch and nature walks a great way to clear out the clutter and to think. To create new approaches to challenging situations.

When I first started painting again, I only painted outside at our ranch. I directed my easel to a sunset or sunrise or to the Texas Hill Country and opened my heart to the beauty around me, always trying to capture those moments. Although I still consider myself a plein air artist, one of my dreams became reality—to have an awesome inspiring space to create my paintings, write and escape the routines of daily life.

I am truly blessed to have a beautiful studio with views that take your breath away. It has captured the attention of many editors, gallery visitors and friends since we completed the project a couple of years ago. Our most recent feature in Austin Home magazine does an excellent job of describing the spaces Lee and I created, alongside Danze & Blood Architects, and builder, Johnny Arnold and his team at Reagan. Thanks to the Austin Home team for this interesting article. I hope all of you will enjoy it, and visit us sometime for a tour of my private art gallery.

Dare to be creative!

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