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[September 27, 2022 – Blog] Just as the view from my studio inspires me to paint, there are a few places I turn to frequently for inspiration in business, leadership or life in general. Listed in no particular order, I hope these sources provide you with new ideas and a fresh perspective. You can visit my website for links to all of the resources listed below.

  • Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper is a website, newsletter and a wealth of knowledge filled with articles and videos on everything from inspirational stories to art and media. I first met Maria, over 25 years ago when she interviewed me on the Today Show. She was the first person to break the story about our now legendary “bring your baby to work” program at my company, T3. She opened the door for countless media interviews for years to come, ultimately changing many lives and the “rules” around family-friendly policies. I also had the pleasure of hosting one of her book launches at my Austin home for a standing-room-only crowd of adoring fans.
  • Many years ago, I met Mitch Joel at a conference in Montreal, where we were both speakers. We have kept up through the years at TED conferences and I gladly subscribe to his newsletter, Mitchel Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation, to gain insights on brands, consumers and technology. While his newsletter offers a comprehensive view, his podcast series and books also offer incredible insight.
  • Then, two women I respect and know well as fellow members of C200 (The Committee of 200), wrote books with different perspectives. First, former CEO of MetricStream, Shellye Archambeau’s book Unapologetically Ambitious, is as bold as the book title, sharing her story of risk-taking and breaking barriers. Secondly, the president of Adecco, one of the largest staffing agencies in the world, Joyce Russell, pinned one of the most positive business books I’ve ever read called, Put a Cherry on Top: Generosity in Life & Leadership. Filled with advice on how to bring optimism, generosity and courage into your workplace, Joyce’s outlook is a welcomed breath of fresh air to leadership.
  • Lastly, one of the most exciting aspects of being included in the Fortune Most Powerful Women Network was the amazing women I met including Diane von Furstenberg. The fashion legend and self-made businesswoman shared her wisdom with us, just as she does in her book, Own It: The Secret to Life. To quote her book’s preface: “Words have power. We must use them carefully. They create energy, define us, impact our lives and the paths we take.” By organizing her advice in alphabetical order, you will find her little dictionary to be both memorable and lovable.

I know many of you are leaders of your communities and influencers in your own right. I’d love to know your “go-to” guides and resources. With so much at your fingertips these days, finding a reliable place for inspiration can be challenging, so I welcome your advice in return.

Additionally, I’m excited to be one of 21 interviews in the “Mamas Making Millions” video series, designed to inspire and enrich the lives and businesses of female entrepreneurs. Featuring a lineup of renowned financial experts, coaches and entrepreneurs, I encourage you register for access to this source of free knowledge.

Always looking for inspiration,

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