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[May 28, 2024 – Blog] In 2007, the box office hit movie “The Bucket List” got a lot of us thinking. The two terminally ill men, portrayed by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, committed to do everything they wanted to do before they “kicked the bucket.” The movie had so much universal appeal that the term ‘bucket list’ has become as ubiquitous as Kleenex and Coke. 

While this is important, I aspire and hitch my star to the “someday list.” This is a list of aspirations, dreams and goals we would like to achieve, and not forget, as life goes on and sometimes gets in the way of our deepest wishes.

This concept ties into my ‘dreams and reality exercise’ described in my book, “Cowgirl Power.” In this exercise, I invite us all to take time to stop and listen to those voices inside us that coach and inspire us to dream big dreams. For me, this exercise starts with a patchwork quilt my grandmother made. When I need inspiration, I haul that blanket out into a big field at our Double Heart Ranch, spread it over the grass, lay down and look up at the sky. I am quiet and pensive but filled with hope. I allow myself to dream as we dreamed as children, without the “can’t do that” boo birds in our heads. 

Many of the things I have accomplished in my life started with those moments on the blanket, letting my mind go anywhere it wanted to—unencumbered by the realities of life.

Then, when I come back to the ranch house with the dreams still dancing in my head, I write them down, drink a big dose of reality and say, “what’s stopping me?” Sometimes the obstacles are huge, but sometimes they are not so daunting after all.

We should always keep dreaming and reveling in our “someday list,” which I hope becomes the reality list for all of the things that really count.

Dream a little dream for me,

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