Single Focus

Single Focus

[November 28, 2023 – Blog] In a world that touts multitasking as a strength and encourages its mastery, I’ve always patted myself on the back for doing many things at once.

However, at a recent Committee of 200 (C200) Conference, actress and model, Brooke Shields, who started her career at 11 months old, spoke about the importance of single focus. To help her stay relevant in her acting career, practicing focus was part of her self-care. It’s a skill taught in a yoga class when the teacher asks you to focus on one item in the room to help you balance. 

This got me thinking. If we can achieve better balance in yoga through focus, perhaps we can achieve balance in our lives when we hone in on one single task at a time. When we juggle too many things at once, we probably aren’t doing any task very well.

I’ve had a Nikon single lens reflex camera with a manual focus for years. I love this camera because I have to decide exactly what subject to focus my attention. It changes the end result of each photograph because I am not relying on the camera. When we choose our focus and not rely on someone or something else, we are more engaged in the moment and the outcome. 

For me, nothing is more demanding and rewarding than when I focus on painting a sky or landscape at our ranch. I am so locked into the beauty and how to translate it onto my canvas, I can’t focus on anything else. Sometimes, I marvel as hours literally fly by. I believe that intense, dedicated focus makes me a better painter and hopefully, results in a superior painting. 

If you want to achieve great things, it requires relentless focus on one big thing. Real estate giant, Gary Keller attributes focus as his secret to success in his book, “The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth About Extraordinary Results.” You might enjoy the read and get serious about your single focus.

Getting focused!

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