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“Gay’s ceremonial first pitch / Texas Baseball vs. Incarnate Word” YouTube Short

[March 28, 2023 – Blog] One of my life lessons I share in my talks and training sessions is to “be a big character.” When you are in a leadership role, people pay attention. They talk about you and tell stories about you. That’s just what people do. So think about those stories that your employees and colleagues tell behind your back and will never tell you about. If you provide them with good material, their stories about you will tend to be more complimentary and positive.

A funny story about a character is always more interesting than something snarky. But part of being a character is doing unexpected, crazy things and I have done my fair share of them! 

Recently I was asked by the University of Texas Men’s Baseball head coach, David Pierce, if I wanted to share a few inspirational words with the team and throw the first pitch at a game. Without hesitating, I said enthusiastically, “YES!” 

As much as I have been a lifelong fan of baseball, I had never attempted the opening pitch at any game. When I measured the distance from the pitcher’s mound to home plate, I gulped! A mere 60 feet and 6 inches to be exact. Daunting but I decided to give it my all.

If you’d like to watch my attempt at this nerve-racking yet utterly fulfilling experience, my team documented this special moment in the media section below.

When you get opportunities to get out of your comfort zone, take them. Being bold and a little crazy is empowering.

Boldly yours,

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