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UT Champs Newsletter 2

[January 11, 2024 – Blog] In business and life, sometimes you make it to the big time. Throughout the years of owning my business, T3 and mentoring others, I ask everyone to dream the big dreams.

I will never forget when T3 was just a small regional advertising agency and one day we got the call to work on a national account. It didn’t just fall into our laps. First, we had to do our homework, put in the hard work and win national awards. We pushed innovation, delivered results and hired the best talent to put ourselves in a position to win. And, when we did finally step onto that stage, under the spotlight, it was both thrilling and frightening at the same time. Suddenly, our competitors were the best of the best and expectations were at the highest level. Our results and performance were EVERYTHING.

As most of you know, I am a die-hard University of Texas fan and on New Year’s Day, the Longhorns had valiantly fought their way into a national playoff football game. It came down to just four teams that had a chance to win a National Championship and the stakes were high for sure.

To quote, University of Texas President, Jay Hartzell: “ The Longhorns have made it to the grandest stage in college football! We are immensely proud of our players, Coach Sarkisian and his staff, and all who have contributed to this team during its thrilling march to our first appearance in the College Football Playoff.”

Of course, I was one of the Longhorn faithful in the stands for this nail-biting game. Although we had a chance to win, literally down to the last second, it just didn’t happen. Nevertheless, all of the UT fans stayed in the stands after the game to applaud our team. They deserved our admiration and respect. They did the hard work and this talented team made it to the final four.

Days later, the Michigan Wolverines won the National Championship, their first national title since 1997. As they bask in the glory of success, the teams that made it to those final games including UT, can also walk away with their heads held high. It’s a long journey to the national stage and every step is a chance to learn and grow, including a tough loss. With great pride, the Texas Longhorns finished number three in the country, their highest ranking since 2009.

As we all embark on a new year, my hope for you is to dream big and push yourself. Because when you work hard to be the very best, falling a tad short is still a big win.

Here’s to another year of dreaming big!

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