Patience Pays: Waiting for the other ‘Boot’ to drop

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[July 18, 2023 – Blog] We all remember the story of Cinderella’s glass slipper. Well, a few weeks ago, I cleaned a pair of fancy boots, left them to dry and took off for our ranch, forgetting that I left my boots on the balcony. When I returned to bring them in, sadly one was gone. I searched every bush, shrub and sidewalk on the ground far below. No boot was found. For weeks I’d see that lone boot taunting me to toss it, but something held me back. Yes, the boots were expensive and beautiful, but what could I do with a single boot? And yet I still held on to it, thinking just maybe it would all work out.

Then about three weeks later, the manager of our building came to me and said that a fellow tenant discovered a lost boot on their 10th floor balcony. After seeing the stiletto heel and wild floral print, he said, “The consensus was that the boot must belong to Mrs. Gaddis.” Ha! And with that, Cinderella was happily reunited with her glass slipper.

The point of this story is that while I do try to listen to my mother’s advice in clearing out clutter and tossing unnecessary items, there is also value in patience and waiting. Even if something doesn’t fit at the moment, it may still be useful. Be patient, because you never know. The other boot may drop bringing the pieces of the puzzle together to make sense.

Doing the “Boot Scootin’ Boogie,”

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