T3 Reunion

[VIDEO] “Everything is sweetened by risk.” In 1989, Gay Gaddis cashed in a $16K IRA to create a new breed of agency, T3 (now known as Material), an innovative digital marketing agency that grew into the largest independent female-owned advertising agency in the U.S., under her leadership for over 30 … Read More

T3 Reunion Alumni Committee

Distinguished Alumnus Acceptance Speech

[VIDEO] In the fall of 2022, Gay Gaddis was a recipient of the University of Texas’s highest honor, the Distinguished Alumnus Award. Listen to Gay’s as she accepts this award and shares her story about the importance of blazing trails, embellishing the work that has been done before us, and … Read More

Gay Gaddis, Distinguished Alumnus recipient

Leadership Traits of Cowgirls

[VIDEO] Published by Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, author Gay Gaddis talks about her book, “Cowgirl Power” and how historical cowgirls are great role models as pioneering female entrepreneurs in business. Interview by Texas Monthly’s Skip Hollandsworth

Leadership Traits of a Cowgirl 600x400 1

SXSW Live at the Dell Experience

[VIDEO] Following a panel discussion hosted by Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN), Gay Gaddis shares final thoughts live from SXSW at the DellExperience. Gay discusses the importance of hard work, “think” time and taking time to focus when inspiration arises. SXSW Live at the Dell Experience

Live at SXSW Dell