McCombs Hall of Fame Tribute Video

[VIDEO] As the 11th female and only fine arts graduate in the awards’ history, T3 Founder, Author and Artist Gay Gaddis was inducted into the McCombs Hall of Fame at the University of Texas. Produced by the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, this tribute video shares … Read More

McCombs Tribute Video

Artist Shares Her New Notecard Collection

[VIDEO] Gay Gaddis captures what she sees in the Texas Hill Country skies and landscapes through her original paintings. As an entrepreneur, Gay Gaddis understands the value of a handwritten note, so she took this inspiration to create a set of notecards, as part of her gift collection, featuring some … Read More

Notecard Collection

Gay Shares her Jewel Box Collection

[VIDEO] As part of the Jewel Box & Gifts Collection, each original painting is small and in a shadow box frame, so that it can fit on any table, desk or hang on the wall. This preview video shows the range of sizes, themes and colors to help you find … Read More

Jewel Box Collection

Art Inspiration: Moment of Zen

[VIDEO] A collage of photos that Gay Gaddis has taken for inspiration when painting at her private art studio, Fossil Ridge at Double Heart Ranch.

Moment of Zen