Women On The Rise

[March 14, 2023 – Blog] As we embark on Women’s History Month, after celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8, I am beaming with pride at our progress. In fact, at a recent Governor’s Commission for Women Legislative Luncheon, we celebrated a groundbreaking 54 women who are now serving in the Texas Legislature. … Read More

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Who Will Take Your Place?

[February 28, 2023 – Blog] There always comes a time when we must move on in our careers and lives. But who will take your place? Every Broadway star has an understudy trained and prepared to step in and give a flawless performance at a moment’s notice. However, succession planning is … Read More

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A Year Like This

A YEAR LIKE THIS by Rebecca French Smith | Published by Texas CEO Magazine [ARTICLE] Drought, inflation, and supply chains throw wrenches in Texas agriculture. Water weighed heavy on the minds of Texas farmers and ranchers last summer as the heat bubble that had stationed itself over most of the … Read More

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Leaving a Legacy

[January 31, 2023 – Blog] In the words of the notable author Chuck Palahniuk, “We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, but to leave behind something that will.” At a recent leadership conference, I was asked to lead two sessions on “Leaving a Legacy.” Local luminaries gathered for two days … Read More

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Hope & Energy

[January 17, 2023 – Blog] As we face another challenging year in business, I am reminded of something priceless we can all offer for free. Through some of the toughest economies, but at all times when I was CEO of T3, we tried to bring “hope and energy” to our … Read More

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