Preparing for the National Stage

[January 11, 2024 – Blog] In business and life, sometimes you make it to the big time. Throughout the years of owning my business, T3 and mentoring others, I ask everyone to dream the big dreams. I will never forget when T3 was just a small regional advertising agency and … Read More

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10 Most Admired Women in Business

10 Most Admired Women in Business Published by Aspioneer Magazine [ARTICLE] Gay Gaddis believes ‘hard work is at the core of everything’ Meet Gay Gaddis, founder of T3, author, artist, trailblazer, and CEO of Gay Gaddis, LLC. Her unique ability allows her to leverage her business background to empower future … Read More

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Life’s Simple Pleasures

[December 26, 2023 – Blog] It is always an adventure when I take our large dog, Henry, on a walk around the Texas State Capitol grounds. There are usually tourists from countries around the world roaming the area, as well as local Austin families enjoying a picnic under the massive … Read More

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The Best Things In Life are Free

[December 12, 2023 – Blog] While I am the first to be delighted with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a talented florist, it is also gratifying to make an arrangement out of something from your own backyard. The photo above shows a creative assortment of native Hill Country plants … Read More

Best things in life are free

Single Focus

[November 28, 2023 – Blog] In a world that touts multitasking as a strength and encourages its mastery, I’ve always patted myself on the back for doing many things at once. However, at a recent Committee of 200 (C200) Conference, actress and model, Brooke Shields, who started her career at 11 months old, spoke … Read More

Single Focus