Looking West

[February 20, 2024 – Blog] I can close my eyes and I am at a Led Zeppelin concert in Houston, Texas in 1972. The shirtless and provocative, Robert Plant is singing “Stairway To Heaven.” At the time I was enthralled as a freshman in high school to be there in the first … Read More

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The Rule of 10-10-10

[February 6, 2024 – Blog] My mother would challenge me every time I had a tough decision to make with her guiding principles. She would say, “Gay, fifty years from now, who will care?” This is really thought provoking because you have to go way off into the future and … Read More

C200 ladies with Joyce Russell, Lynn Utter and Julie Holder

Step by Step. Slow by Slow.

[January 23, 2024 – Blog] Most of us are familiar with the “Swiss cheese” method. It is a recommended way to begin tough or big tasks. Like a piece of Swiss cheese, you nibble away at the project instead of tackling the big hairy beast all at once! Eventually, you have taken … Read More

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