Art is an evolutionary act

[September 26, 2023 – Blog] For the many years I ran my advertising agency, T3, understanding our client’s brands and helping them evolve and grow was at the core of our services. We would spend months working with our clients to develop synergistic brand experiences to clearly communicate with their … Read More

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It Wouldn’t Be Texas Without Exes

[September 12, 2023 – Blog] A few years ago, my good friend, Todd Maclin called me. I could tell right off the bat it wasn’t just a, “Hey, how are you doing?” call. Todd was on a mission to recruit me to join the Texas Exes board of directors. My … Read More

Texas Exes President

Fall Steals My Heart

[August 29, 2023 – Blog] Without question, fall is my favorite time of the year. Yes, spring can be beautiful, especially when we have glorious wildflowers like we did this year, but fall steals my heart every year. This fall is no exception as we walk through the last days … Read More


Inspired by 100 & Counting…

[August 15, 2023-Blog] Several years ago, a worldwide survey was conducted asking people who had lived to 100 years of age what they attributed their longevity to. To the surprise of the data collectors, it was not a healthy diet, exercise, a particular climate or “good genes.”  The one common … Read More

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Cowgirl Homespun Hints

[August 1, 2023 – Blog] Archaeologists cannot pinpoint exactly when humans discovered fire, but some say it was over 500,000 years ago. Whenever it was, from that time on, gathering around campfires, telling stories and cooking over flames became part of our history and continues to be the center of … Read More

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