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[December 26, 2023 – Blog] It is always an adventure when I take our large dog, Henry, on a walk around the Texas State Capitol grounds. There are usually tourists from countries around the world roaming the area, as well as local Austin families enjoying a picnic under the massive ancient oak trees. Not to mention all of the hustle and bustle of government officials darting in and out of the Capitol.

One day, Henry’s ears perked up to the sounds of children laughing and squealing with delight. When we got closer to the group from the preschool across the street, we saw that they were blowing big billowing bubbles with rainbows of color. The children couldn’t have been more entertained as they raced through the bubbles. Cheap thrills!

Henry and I got caught up watching the children play, and in doing so, I realized that many of life’s joyful moments stem from simple things that sometimes get overlooked or taken for granted. Most of you know that I delight in the simplicity of a beautiful sunrise or sunset. So much so, that they are routinely the subjects of many of my paintings.

As I think about the things that bring me joy, it is the small things that enrich our lives the most. Little treasures and moments that make our day beautiful can be missed if we are continually racing through life. So, I reached down and gave Henry a big hug and a pat on the head. He always makes me smile inside.

Next time you walk by an ice cream truck, stop and buy yourself a treat. You may not pass that way again and an ice cream sandwich is hard to beat. It is the little things in life that make us appreciate all the rest.

Savoring the simple things,

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