Fall Steals My Heart


[August 29, 2023 – Blog] Without question, fall is my favorite time of the year. Yes, spring can be beautiful, especially when we have glorious wildflowers like we did this year, but fall steals my heart every year. This fall is no exception as we walk through the last days of summer and look to a fall of hope.

As an artist and student of photography, there’s always that magical day when I say to myself, “The light has changed.” Shadows grow longer as the sun’s relationship to our planet changes. I simply love it and it thrills me each year when I first take notice.

This transformation of light signals many changes. It is the harbinger of cooler days, the return to school and the heart of football season begins to unfold, of which I am a dedicated fan. Growing up in the small town of Liberty, Texas, football season was the bond that brought our little community together. We all stood proud, win or lose, with our mighty Liberty Panthers. Someone in Liberty once told me that everyone was at the football game on a Friday night, unless they were in jail. While that was a cruel twist of fate, it was nevertheless the truth.

Fall also offers the chance to dedicate ourselves to learning something new, whether we are in school or have long graduated from academics. In business, it’s the time to plan and budget for the upcoming year, which harkens back to the heroes and heroines that came before us. Fall was a crucial season to store up goods to brace for the winter months ahead.

Yes, fall is my favorite time of year. To me, it holds promise as a season for planning, learning and renewing our spirits. Fall is a time to look ahead with great anticipation while embracing transformation. My wish during this season is for you to discover a new road, a new book or a new relationship for a brighter future.

The light is about to change,

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