Dear David


[July 9, 2024 – Blog] Hello Love! I met you 50 years ago when I was very young. It was my first trip to Europe, and you captured my heart. You are one of the reasons I wanted to study art, so I could someday attempt to create something as beautiful as you. As the days and years went by, I would see you from time to time. You were always there in Florence, Italy, waiting for me. Steadfast and loyal you have been. You have educated and awed millions, but each time I see you, I believe you exist just for me.

Along the way, I have developed my own career and did study art, too. Like you, I have tried to educate and bring wisdom and joy to others whenever I can. Like you, I try to stand tall and face whatever the world brings my way. And, like you, I hope I bring new thinking to ordinary days. And when I paint as an artist, I strive to find the beautiful in my surroundings to give light and love to others, just like you have done. 

You have survived floods, wars, political forces, global plagues and famine. As I recount the decades of my life, we have been through a lot together. 

You are the symbol of David, who against all odds fought the giant, Goliath and came out the victor. It was a true story of the underdog who was not afraid to face adversity for what he believed. 

Now, in the summer of 2024, as I entered the room where I knew you would be, my heart raced with anticipation. And then I caught my first glimpse of you—from a distance. Step by step, as I got closer, I knew why you were my first love. Perhaps I have aged a bit, but you never do. You are the same no matter how many years go by since our last encounter.

So dear David, you were my teenage idol, and you still capture my heart today. If I could have dinner with someone tonight, it would be your talented creator, Michelangelo. I would express my gratitude over and over for giving you to me to love for the rest of my life. 

Until next time, ciao!

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