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[August 1, 2023 – Blog] Archaeologists cannot pinpoint exactly when humans discovered fire, but some say it was over 500,000 years ago. Whenever it was, from that time on, gathering around campfires, telling stories and cooking over flames became part of our history and continues to be the center of so many traditions to this day.

As an extension of that relationship with fire, many celebrations and rituals include candles. What would a birthday cake be without the candles? 

Every seasoned cowgirl knows a thing or two about preserving resources and along the way, I learned a helpful tip to keep your candles burning longer and brighter, even in extreme Texas heat. Many years ago, I attended a wedding in July in my hometown of Liberty, Texas. It was hotter than nine kinds of hell and the Methodist Church air conditioning system was sputtering to try to keep up.

However, despite the beastly heat, the bride insisted on having numerous candelabras at the alter and to my surprise, the candles made it through the ceremony without dripping all over the carpet below.

After the service, I ran into the local florist who designed the beautiful floral arrangements encircled with candles. I asked him how he kept the candles from melting in the sweltering heat. He smiled and told me one of his secrets—just freeze the candles for three or four hours before burning and they will last well beyond expectations.

From that time on, I have kept candles in the freezer and whether it is hot or cold, they always burn longer and steady when first frozen.

I put together a little YouTube Short video on this cowgirl homespun hint as well.

Let there be light!

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