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[January 17, 2023 – Blog] As we face another challenging year in business, I am reminded of something priceless we can all offer for free. Through some of the toughest economies, but at all times when I was CEO of T3, we tried to bring “hope and energy” to our clients. Of course, we had to bring innovation, creativity and great execution too. But we also knew that the rough and tumble world of corporate America put our clients through the grinder every day. So, nothing pleased us more than hearing many of our clients say that the brightest point in their week was when we walked in the door. 

Actually, my husband, Lee, coined the phrase “hope and energy,” because he believed that was actually the competitive advantage we offered. There is something magical about it and motivational. Something mystical, yet meek.

After moving on from T3, I still strive to bring hope and energy to all of my projects, especially the  Women Who Mean Business program that I teach at McCombs Executive Education at the University of Texas. Giving confidence, and good ol’ hope and energy is the secret to our success, along with real world business strategies. And as an artist, my goal is the same—infusing hope and energy into each painting. 

Just when you think you don’t have any more to give, when budgets and bank accounts are shrinking, try a big dose of hope and energy. It always seems to pay off while inspiring everyone around you at the same time.

Feeling the energy in 2023,

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