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[May 23, 2023 – Blog] From the completion of doctoral degrees to finishing kindergarten, graduation ceremonies remind us how important it is to stop and applaud milestones. Last week I celebrated my mother in honor of Mother’s Day, and this week I salute my father as a proud graduate and gifted engineer who left behind a lasting legacy.

My dad went to college on a G.I. Bill after serving in both the Navy and the Army during World War II. As a math whiz, he flourished in his degree in Civil Engineering at the Missouri School of Mines (now University of Missouri at Rolla). After graduating from college, he returned to the Army and used his knowledge to design bridges during the Korean War. If you look closely at his class ring (pictured above), you can see a golden medieval castle in the stone. This emblem remains the premier symbol of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. My dad was proud of his accomplishments and wore this ring for the rest of his life that sadly ended too soon in his mid-forties.

Be it from a school, college, continuing education or other courses of study, celebrating the milestone of a graduation is beautiful and energizing. Putting in the time, energy and hard work to complete a set of courses successfully is quite an achievement. Bravo!

I recently saw a 72-year-old obtain a degree as the first of his seven siblings to graduate from college, and the best part was his 92-year-old mother was in the audience to cheer him on. And he graduated Summa Cum Laude (Latin for highest honors). 

During this graduation season, let’s celebrate the many accomplishments of our family and friends. Embrace the moment and congratulate those who have achieved so much as graduates hold they keys to our future.

Mortarboards off to you!

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