Sahara Sand Dune Newsletter

Step by Step. Slow by Slow.

[January 23, 2024 – Blog] Most of us are familiar with the “Swiss cheese” method. It is a recommended way to begin tough or big tasks. Like a piece of Swiss cheese, you nibble away at the project instead of tackling the big hairy beast all at once! Eventually, you have taken … Read More

UT Champs Newsletter

Preparing for the National Stage

[January 11, 2024 – Blog] In business and life, sometimes you make it to the big time. Throughout the years of owning my business, T3 and mentoring others, I ask everyone to dream the big dreams. I will never forget when T3 was just a small regional advertising agency and … Read More

Life's Simple Pleasures newsletter

Life’s Simple Pleasures

[December 26, 2023 – Blog] It is always an adventure when I take our large dog, Henry, on a walk around the Texas State Capitol grounds. There are usually tourists from countries around the world roaming the area, as well as local Austin families enjoying a picnic under the massive … Read More

Best things in life are free

The Best Things In Life are Free

[December 12, 2023 – Blog] While I am the first to be delighted with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a talented florist, it is also gratifying to make an arrangement out of something from your own backyard. The photo above shows a creative assortment of native Hill Country plants … Read More

Single Focus

Single Focus

[November 28, 2023 – Blog] In a world that touts multitasking as a strength and encourages its mastery, I’ve always patted myself on the back for doing many things at once. However, at a recent Committee of 200 (C200) Conference, actress and model, Brooke Shields, who started her career at 11 months old, spoke … Read More