Gay's Hill Country Holiday Party

Gay’s Hill Country Holidays

[November 8, 2022 – Blog] It’s almost the holidays—my favorite time of the year to reconnect and recharge before the New Year hits. So, let’s closeout this year together! Please join me Sunday, December 11, from 12-4 PM CST for my Hill Country Holiday Party at my private art studio and gallery in … Read More

Gay at the Richard Weekley Awards

The Show Must Go On

[October 25, 2022 – Blog] A year ago, I was the Master of Ceremonies for the Texas Business Leadership Council’s annual Richard W. Weekley Public Policy Leadership Awards honoring Ross Perot Jr. As I was the evening host and departing Chairman of TBLC, Charlie Amato (TBLC Chairman-Elect) and Justin Yancy (TBLC President), surprised … Read More

Gay sharing her rules for productive meetings

Gay’s Top 10 Rules for Effective Meetings

[October 11, 2022 – Blog] BlogOne of the biggest “time sucks” in any organization is meetings that are unnecessary, disorganized or run inefficiently. The worst sin of all is having people in a meeting who have no imminent reason to be there. In my world, time is money and if you … Read More

Gay's art studio is her source of inspiration

Source of Inspiration

[September 27, 2022 – Blog] Just as the view from my studio inspires me to paint, there are a few places I turn to frequently for inspiration in business, leadership or life in general. Listed in no particular order, I hope these sources provide you with new ideas and a fresh … Read More

Gay Gaddis on a plane

I’m In A Hurry

[SEPTEMBER 13, 2022 – BLOG] A few years ago, I was running through the Chicago airport after my flight was delayed, trying to make a connection to get back to Austin. While racing by the gates with my heart beating faster and faster, I had the Alabama song, “I’m in … Read More

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