Are You Truly Ambitious?


[MAY 24, 2022 – BLOG] Ambition is one of those words that can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, I believe it is a noble calling to desire achievement and distinction. Perhaps to aspire to receive honors, amass wealth and have a certain amount of power and control.

If our ambition is perceived by others to be too aggressive we can become disliked and not trusted. Our ambition can get in the way of seeing how others react and feel.

However, like owning your power, ambition can be used to accomplish great things—to strive for leadership roles that allow us to shape policies, attitudes, and the best part of all, to create jobs. As an entrepreneur, one of the greatest joys I have had is putting myself at risk to open up jobs for countless people. Those jobs provide for them and their families and give them purpose.

It has been delightful working with the Tory Burch Foundation over the past few years. As a speaker and mentor to the women they assemble, I have hoped to share some of my life’s lessons that will move them forward. The Foundation’s mantra is “Embrace Ambition.” I love this because it gives us permission to shoot for the stars and not be afraid to be ambitious.

Think about it. Are you truly ambitious? If you are, I bet it started when you were a child and some parent or teacher saw something amazing in you. This started that spark of ambition that you can use the rest of your life for helping others and yourself.

Pictured above are a group of my friends and yes ambitious women I have met through C200. We were gathered at my family’s ranch after all of us shared our collected wisdom at the Women Who Mean Business program that Lynn Utter and I started at the McCombs School of Business at UT Austin. I have learned so much from these women as we navigate this thing called life.

Embrace ambition!

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