A Drought Interrupted by an Occasional Flood

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[AUGUST 15, 2022 – BLOG] Living in Central Texas most of my life, I’ve come to appreciate the phrase that we are just a “big drought interrupted by an occasional flood.” I have seen this many times, as we struggle to get any rainfall only to be rescued by a devastating flood.

Several years ago, I had the honor of being appointed by the Governor of Texas to serve on the board of directors of LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority). Our biggest responsibility was to oversee the waters of the lower Colorado River, the main source of water for Central Texas. I took a deep interest in this and have worked tirelessly through legislation and in shaping public opinion.

Planning ahead is key, but many push it aside as long as we are getting rain. However, as we’ve seen this summer, droughts often result in intense wildfires, animals perishing, crops failing and the real fear of running out of water for basic needs.

During the 2011 drought and heat wave, we decided to take measures at our ranch to ensure we would not run out of water. We are too far away to have “city” water, so we have a rainwater collection system and a few ground wells to furnish all of our water supply. We have added much more capacity to capture rainfall, and large tanks, like the one pictured above. While we are concerned, but because we thought ahead, we know we can weather this drought.

The point is that planning ahead for the next drought or potential crisis in our lives is something we always want to put off. This type of planning is not always easy to do, but start thinking about how you can mitigate the next “drought” or unforeseen issues that life may throw your way. When they come, you will be glad you were prepared.

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